Centennial Ode (Free)

by Yovel

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Yovel is the Trumpet-Blast of Liberty

Debts Forgiven | Slaves Freed | Land Redistributed |

The Ram's Horn is Blown. Freedom is Proclaimed.

*** This Is Black Metal For The Oppressed ***
Band: Yovel (Gr) ||| Song: Centennial Ode (Free)
facebook: www.facebook.com/yovelband/

*** All Music & Lyrics by Yovel ***

except: sample from [Matewan -1987] & spoken phrase
[Walter Benjamin -Theses on the Philosophy of History]
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Who forged your Cross & your Crown?
Who made you Lords of All-around?
In your Slaver dreams we drown
You’re dragging us down

Oppressor & Oppressed
[The] Generic Truth of the Human Race

Our gods are bankers / Our kings are thieves
Their heavens are rooted in the hell we live in
True Satan am I / We rise for the sky
We serve no more / We run this show

Only this do we know / Only this do we owe
We come from below / To settle the score

We come to settle the score

(Stare at your Enemy / Study your Enemy / Invert the Fear / This Hell is Real)

We burn our gods and kill our kings
Emancipated from true capital sin
The ages pass but the slaves remain
That's why we're bound to carry the flame

In The Name of the Unborn Dead
For those who joined the Perennial Quest
Tear down the Credo of the Bourgeoisie
The Burial Grounds of the Commodity | X - E - X '|

Free ...


released April 12, 2017
*** Mix & Mastering by d studio (athens) ***
*** Artwork by Decomposition (Volos) ***
*** Animation Video by Manster Design ***




Yovel Athens, Greece

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